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United States / why is it so DAMN HARD to find?
« on: October 24, 2020, 06:08:26 PM »
I CANT fucking FIND PROPER QUALITY of heroin#3 on all markets!! Where are the fuck proper h#3? There are plent of H#4 for USA that has proper quality and fent free. But i dont see any proper h#3 out there and i have tried 22 heroin vendors in the past 12months for fuck sake! Its getting ridiciolius!! Last year in summer 2019, lucky7
Did have proper quality h#3 i got pinned eyes as fuck and very glassy eyes, nodding and euphoric high and very warm feeling! But after 1 month it gone shit, back to the usual quality duh!!! So sick of this
The same goes for holland2euu, the first time i got was very lovely h#3 but the second time i ordered, it was not the same batch!!!! Jesus christ!!! I am thinking here, it has to be some vendors are actually using drugs themself, that is why they cut batch and selective scamming to keep their habits.going.

Where are all the fuckimg professional vendors??? The 1 who will keep quality at the highest level all the time.

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