Registration Agreement

This is the general forum rules that should be followed in every category and sub-category. Failure to adhere to the rules will result in permanent ban. This forum is legal forum and we don't want any illegal stuff on it so we can keep it alive and well. Thank you for understanding.

General rules:

1. Prohibited discussion (Permanent ban)

- Child Abuse
- Animal Abuse
- Weapons & Explosives
- Fraud

Any discussion, at all regarding these subjects will result in an permanent ban.

2. NO doxxing (Permanent ban)

No personal information is allowed to be posted

3. NO trading (Permanent ban)

No sales are allowed to go through this forum (Permanent ban)

4. NO spam

This includes:

- NO Advertisements (This forum is for discussion only)

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy has not been created for this forum.